Crush Party Two: Friday the 13th

On Friday, April 13th, Wonder will host a sequel to the now-legendary Crush Party. This second event takes place at the visual arts event space La Sala in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 58 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY. This space is in the back of the restaurant Cantina Royal. Everyone is invited. A short text titled ♥ This Will End In Tears ♥ will be complimentary to the first 50 guests or while the materials last.

Featuring music curated by Maggie Wells from THE ORDER OF THE LION

If you would like to list your crush, please mail their name in to ihaveacrushonsomeone@gmail.com. We will post their name below. All crushes are anonymous and submitted by you.

Come out and fall in love. Say yes. XO.


Steven Thomson
Anna Henning
Nathaniel Otting
Elias Constantopedos
Noelle Willecke
Ben Safdie
Tyler Flynn Dorholt
Lonely Christopher
Max Steele
Cole Escola
CA Conrad
Cecilia Corrigan
Stephen Boyer
Jason Yost
Spencer Madsen
Arthur Nersersian
Gio Peter Black
Charlie Kuder
Ruhi Parashar
Catherine Pond
Alina Gregorian
Jay Deshpande
Sam Ross
Benjamin Sweet
Rachel Silveri
Nik Rad
Jay Pluck
Aubrey Shepherd
Kyle Clairmont Jacques
Ryan Murphy
Eric Amling
Stefan Sirucek
Ryan May
Trisha Low
Shana Moulton
Anna Fitzgerald
Megan Ewing
Douglas Piccinnini
Cameron Blaylock
Adam Tobin
Lilly R. Mara
Liz Fertig
Lillian Ruth
Christie Ann Reynolds
Molly Oswaks
Shaun Cvar
Ariana Reines
Zebadiah Keneally
Gregory Aune
G. Lucas Crane
Jeff Nagy
Andrew Medlin
Christian Salazar
Andrew Shaw